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Prayers to Everyone Affected By The Oklahoma Tornado!

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Oklahoma After The Tornado

Oklahoma After The Tornado

Prayers to all the families in Oklahoma, who have just gone through a horrible Tornado which damaged over 2,400 homes and impacted over 10,000 people in the suburbs of Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon, killing at leasr 51 people with the death toll expected to rise according to the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office.


KWTV in Oklahoma Reports

That hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed and that the Tornado hit 2 schools and a hospital.  Rescue workers have been working together searching for survivors through what was left of the buildings and homes.



Latest Update: President Obama signs the Disaster declaration, which orders federal aid to be supplement state and local recovery efforts in the area.


This is why we all need to get together to do our part as we always due when it comes to helping all those in need.  Please help us with the relief for Oklahoma by donating to the cause, just click on the picture below and may God look over them and help all those families pass this hard time.




You all have an incredible night!!


Team YovakatIdeosvany & Katherinn Palacio


Miami, FL



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